Shots of diversity

Before starting this project, photography was already one of my ways of expression. I did not identify it as a tool for visual ethnography, but just as an art that helped me to explore some of the topics that currently are part of this research.

Amateur film-making was also part of my former interests, and I developed two  social documentaries in 2009 and 2011.


I decided to include this appendix for those who are interested in seeing something else through my eyes.  This album is a mixture of ‘shots’, an artistic projection about the diversity I have found through my personal trip, traveling, discovering different cultures and just living.

Photography is to me a way to explore the precious gift of life itself. Again, both phases of the process (the phase of capturing a picture and the phase of post-processing) are sort of a phenomenological experience.

Beauty is everywhere, in every single instant, waiting to be captured by us, waiting to be experienced by a social agent in a physical and social environment. And the way in which we observe reality is directly related with who we are. It is also a process of self-exploration.

To see the whole album and some other photos you can visit my Flickr profile. You can also see some photography experiments in my Instagram profile.


Other photographic projects:


My former hand-held camera documentaries are both in Spanish.

  • Exodo: Documentary about the risks of illegal immigration in Africa. Filmed in Senegal.
  • Japikuna: Documentary about the impact of Cooperation of Development in indigenous communities and marginalized children in Bolivia.

The quality of the final products is not very good, considering that the resources that I had at that time were so much limited. No DSLR, no lenses, no microphone, no tripod, no plan. Just a hand-held HD camera, a laptop for post-production and a hard story.  But I consider both of them two unique visual ethnographies to understand better two very different realities.