Looking for identity

“Looking for Identity” is a set of documentaries which expose the wide diversity of perspectives defining people’s identities in the United States of America.

After some photographic and infographic exploration of multiculturalism in the U.S.  with the Rhizome Ethnographies project, I decided to use a film-making approach as a qualitative method for this research.  The result is named Looking for identity: What does it mean to be an American?”.

This movie is divided into several parts, so rather than just one single documentary it is more like a series of independent (but related) ethnographic films about the American identity from a multicultural point of view. In this section, you can watch the first part of this series.

Some controversial issues are exposed, presenting a nation with a heterogeneous society, a complex and evolving multi-ethnic identity and a conflict of cultural forces and discourses.

In the moment of historic change in which this has been filmed (2016-2017), the U.S.A. faces a moment of transformation and tensions between a national identity and a large number of racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic identities, between assimilation and intercultural engagement.

Enjoy the first part. You will see more videos coming in the future sections.